The ever changing business environment that prevails nowadays calls for outsourcing of stringent accounting and book keeping services. With a whole range of integrated solutions and a pool of trained accounting speacialist for your diverse accounting and book keeping requirements, the IMPERIAL Business Centre ensures compliance of the Vietnamese accounting rules and regulations. We deliver quality work according to the specific needs of the clients.

• General ledger accounting

• Sales/ Debtor accounting

• Purchase/ Creditor accounting

• Financial reporting

• Management reporting

• Payment processing

• Monthly/ Quarterly Value Added Tax declaration and submission

• Quarterly Business Income Tax declaration and submission

• Monthly Personal Income Tax declaration and submission

• Unaudited financial accounts

• Consolidated accounts

• Budgets

• Statutory audits

• Internal audits

Per Hour Pricing:

Apply to those projects which are time priority, small or have specific requirements

Monthly Rate:

Apply to our IMPERIAL Business Centre clients for a basic or comprehensive accounting package

Transaction Rate:

Available for selective services in case of high volume transaction entry