Business & Company Incorporation Services

Vietnam company incorporation is challenging for foreign companies because of complex licensing procedures. That said, economic reforms are attracting foreign investors into the country. Here at the IMPERIAL Business Centre, we offer a complete Vietnam company incorporation service. The following information will help you determine the kind of company incorporation which is the optimum corporate structure to fulfill your international business objective:

We assists our clients to legitimately conduct business in Vietnam with several options:

1. 100% foreign ownership

2. Vietnam Joint Venture

3. Representative office

Vietnam joined the World Trade Organisation (WTO) in January 2007, obliging it to reform its legal system, strengthen intellectual property rights protection and lift trade barriers. Vietnam company incorporation requires a minimum of one director, who need not be resident in Vietnam. In addition, there is no minimum capital requirements.

In Vietnam, you must secure an office lease before you commence your company incorporation. Our company incorporation services are done with our legal partners which include professional advice and guidance, government registration fees, search and application for local company name, Memorandum & Articles of Association, company seal, tax registration and VAT forms and bank account opening assistance. It takes approximately 2-3 months for the completion of the company incorporation.